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Everybody knows that Bali is all about exotic beaches. But if you are not a beach person, don’t worry because you can still have a good time in this island of paradise. If you love to do something challenging, you should try trekking. Bali has plenty of uncharted jungles and hills and they all are waiting for you. Here are some of the best trekking trails in Bali that will be super exciting to explore.


Candidasa is a beautiful area in the eastern part of Bali. If you go hiking in this area, you can see beautiful rice fields and greenery spreading in front of you. Candidasa is also a home for Bali’s traditional village, Tenganan Village. You can start your journey here or you can use this village as a resting point. This village is awesome this is one of the very few traditional village left in Bali. Even though you are not a beach lover, you can visit White Sand Beach, the most popular beach in this area. This serene beach is a good spot to refresh your body and mind before you go back to the trekking trail.

Sambangan Village

Challenge yourself and explore every spot to the fullest. If you want a more challenging trail, you can go trekking in Sambangan village. The views around the trail are just as beautiful as in Candidasa. But the real price in this journey is the destination. The main destination of Sambangan Village trekking trail is the magnificent Secret Garden Pool and 4 astonishing waterfall. You can swim, jump around and have the time of your life under the waterfall.

Tamblingan Jungle

Walking around Tamblingan is definitely something that you will remember forever. This journey is definitely not easy because you have to go through a jungle. But this is very exciting at the same time because you can find many exotic plants all around you. It is definitely a nice thing to learn. There are several trails you can follow and destinations you can go. But if you want something really exciting, you should take the lake route and canoe your way to the other side of the lake. After taking the canoe, you will see a beautiful waterfall where you can rest and cool yourself down. You can go swimming there but you can also just sit around and hear the soothing sound of the waterfall.

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Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Get an exciting trekking experience at Mount Batur which is the only active volcano in Bali. Mount Batur Bali Sunrise Trekking is one of Bali’s most favorite activities. If you live adventure, it is recommended activities have to do in Bali. Our reliable guide will bring to the top, enjoy the amazing sunrise at the island

Bedugul Jungle

Just like in Tamblingan, you also will go through rain forest jungle during the Bedugul trekking. Bedugul rainforest is a home for so many plants and animals. So, if you encounter some unique floras or faunas, make sure you ask your guide what they are because it can be a nice thing to know. From the jungle, you can cross the river on a canoe. Don’t forget to row so you can get to the other end even faster. Exploring Bedugul is definitely one of the best Bali holidays for families.

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