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Your Bali vacation will not be perfect if you do not watch at least a Balinese dance show. Balinese traditional dance is very unique and attractive.  Bali is rich with unique culture and arts. They like watching these performances because they is very different from the culture and arts of their country. If you are curious with those traditional culture and arts shows, you must watch them while you are in Bali.

Barong Dance performance

barong dance

Barong Dance is a Lion Dance. It tells about the story of good fighting evil. The dancers are wearing scary masks which look like lion. Though they wear scary masks, their movement is graceful and attractive. The scary creatures in this dance symbolize Barong. It is a mythical creature. Barong is the good spirit in this dance. This dance performance is very spectacular. Tourists can follow the story of this dance easily. They can even find comedy in this dance.

Finding Barong Dance show is relatively easy. There are many venues that offer you with this traditional dance performances. Some of them are performed at nights and others in daylight. When you are in Denpasar or Ubud, you must watch it.

Kecak Dance show

Kecak dance is usually performed by one hundred of male dancers. All of them wear sarong and bare chested. They sit in circle and move their hands attractively in performing this dance. There is a dancer in the center of this circle who perform spiritual dance. These men are not only dancing. But, they also chanting and singing.

The combination of dancing and singing in Kecak Dance is very spectacular. This dance performance is actually a ritual. It is created in 1930s. The dance is a combination of Ramayana dance story and Sanghyang trance chorus. You can watch it in several art centers in Denpasar, Ubud, and Kuta. This dance performance is usually performed at 6 p.m or 8 p.m. Watching this dance performance must be on your list.

Legong dance

Legong dance is a graceful and beautiful dance. This traditional dance has gorgeous choreography. It is performed by all young girls. The full-length Legong dance is often performed at temples for tourist attraction. However, you can also find the short version performed in restaurants and hotels.

Other traditional Balinese culture and arts

Bali has other attractive traditional arts than traditional dance.  One of the traditional arts is Shadow Puppets. This puppet show is very unique. The puppets are made of animal skin that is crafted in intricate and colorful design. Audiences will only watch the shadow of these puppets. The story of Shadow Puppets is full with symbolism. It usually tells about the story from the mystical world. When the puppeteer is controlling the puppets, there is a group of people playing gamelan.

Gamelan is traditional music performance. It consists of a set of traditional musical instruments. The gamelan players play them harmonically. This traditional music performance is worth your time and money.

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