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Bali is an exciting vacation destination. If you are still not sure where to go on your next vacation, you must start looking for vacation packages to Bali. You will find out that Bali is an island full of attractions. This island offers you with natural beauty, unique arts and cultures, gorgeous architectures, and accommodation in wide range of budget.

Bali is a popular tourist destination. Millions of people from all over the world visit this island each year. Bali has countless of temples or pura. You can find Balinese Hindu temples in every village in Bali. Some of these temples are small and others are large and very popular. Here are some of the main temples you must visit.

Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple is the holiest and most important temple in Bali. The locals consider it as the mother temple. It is located at Mount Agung’s slope. This temple consists of 23 temples with Penataran Agung Temple as the most important temple. This temple has been used for worshipping Hindu gods since 13th century. To reach the complex of Besakih Temple, you must climb up the 6-level terrace. This temple hosts numerous festivals each year. This temple is grand and gorgeous. Visiting it while there is a festival will make your day trips in Bali more memorable.

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple is a water temple. It is located in Tampak Siring, near Ubud. Tirta Empul was built around the 10th century. This temple has bathing structure. The bath is full with holy spring water. Balinese Hindus go to this temple for purification. The central yard of this temple has 2 pools. Each of this pool has several fountains or shower where the holy spring water flows. This Temple has beautiful architecture and garden.

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot is a sea temple. This temple was built on top of an offshore rock. It is located in Tabanan, Bali. It is approximately built around the 16th century. This temple is very popular among holidaymakers. They love to go to this temple to watch the sunset. Near Tanah Lot Temple, there is Batu Bolong Temple. It will be worth your time visiting these two sea temples.

Gunung Kawi Temple

Gunung Kawi Temple is one of the oldest temples in Bali. It is also located in Tampaksiring. This temple is only about 2 km from Tirta Empul. The architectural design of this temple is unique and very beautiful. Its large building mainly consists of gorgeous stone craving. Before you can reach the temple yard, you must climb stone steps through beautiful rice field. When you are visiting a temple in Bali, you are required to wear sarong. You can borrow it at the entrance of the temple.

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